Laboratory Balance Solutions

balance scale

Advanced Weighing Systems offers a full range of laboratory balance solutions to suit your most demanding lab balance requirements. Simple to Sophisticated, a gram to several KG.

  • Analytical & Semi Micro, built for professional weighing. Sensitivity range to .01MG at 120G to .1MG at 320G. Hands free operation, designed for ease of use.
  • Precision Professional Balances that out perform the competition, no mater how difficult the task. Touch screen displays, hands free draft enclosures and hands free tare.
  • Economical Precision Balance is compact, small, and accurate. User friendly design
  • Industrial Weighing Balances built for the plant as well as the lab.
  • Portable and Pocket Balances, battery operated for on the go precision weighing We can provide the balance solution to all of your weighing needs!

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