Electronic Documentation

CRS Overview

Electronic Documentation

Certificate Retrieval System
The Most Complete Reporting & Documentation for your Scales

The technician has the program loaded on his tablet, calls up your company, and all your scales are displayed on a list. Each time a scale is selected and tested, it is removed from the list until all are tested. Each scale has its own calibration report.

The test starts with the area marked EQUIPMENT CONDITIONS

- Is the scale working?
- Is the scale clean?

Then weights are put on the scale as indicated. Adjustments may have been required and will be listed as needed.

Test weights used are noted along with weight calibration dates.

arrow Test weight calibration certificates are available on request.

Via email CRS lets you electronically store and retrieve all your scale calibration documents. CRS covers all brands of heavy capacity scales industrial scales and balances.

As your scale dealer we’ll provide you with a user name and password that allows you to access the inventory of your weighing equipment as well as all the records of the calibrations that corresponds with each of the scales and balances that you have at your facility. You will have access to retrieve the certificates whenever need be.

The advantage of having the CRS system is that it eliminates the need to manually create, file, store, retrieve and print scale calibration certificates, leading to overall efficiency and productivity of your entire business.

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