Asphalt & Ready Mix Certifications

Our Specialty

Advanced Weighing Systems specializes in Asphalt & Ready Mix Certifications. We have two test trucks with over 30,000 lbs. of certified weights.

We work with Illinois Department of Agriculture and the Illinois Department of transportation to get your equipment certified on time to get you ready for the construction season.

Concrete Testing Equipment
Test Truck and workers

4 Hour Response Time

We offer 4 hour response time for any breakdowns you would have. Carry a full line of parts if you have an older mechanical scale or a full electronic load cell system.

Our trucks have all the chains & chain falls for rigging, aggregate scales, cement scales, dust pods or filler scales. We have a certified scale to test & calibrate water meters.

Stay Accurate & Certified

So whether you have an asphalt plant, a cement plant or a concrete pipe plant, We can help keep your equipment accurate and certified!

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